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CVR Testing

Rathcoole Commercial outperform the CVR Test sector in turnaround times, and we have extended opening hours 7am - 11pm Monday to Friday at our test centre.

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One of the largest CVR Test Centres in Dublin

As a centre that specialises in commercial CVR Testing, we appreciate that every second counts when your vehicles are left in our care. Our online booking allows you to make all the necessary arrangements in advance and our testers will work their hardest to minimise the amount of downtime your vehicles experience. We also open from 7am - 11pm Monday to Friday.

4 main reasons for an annual CVR Test

1. No CVRT? No Tax

You cannot renew your tax without your CVRT pass statement.

2. It safeguards the roadworthiness of goods vehicles

The CVR test makes sure that, every year, all goods vehicles on the road have been thoroughly and fairly tested. We carry out 12 week inspections, and booking your inspections on COVIS improves your risk rating.

3. It saves time

Yearly tests and well-maintained vehicles mean fewer breakdowns. The CVRT programme improves the overall efficiency for goods vehicle testing.

4. It’s the law

The legislation states that all commercial vehicles must be tested when they are over one years old and annually after that. So having your vehicle tested means avoidance of penalty points and fines.

CVR Test Price List

1. Vehicle Category

2. Price

3. Retest

4. Inspection

Van & Jeeps – lighter than 3,500 kg




Mini Buses – 8 seats to 14 seats




Large Buses – more than 14 seats




Truck – 3,500 kg - 7,500 kg




Two axle Truck – 7,500 kg +




Three axle Truck – 7,500 kg+




Four axle Truck – 7,500 kg+




Trailer – 3,500 kg +








Two axle Motor Caravan




Three axle Motor Caravan




Fast Tractors – 3,500 kg - 7,500 kg




Fast Tractors – 7,500 kg+




ADR – test and certificate



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What Our Customers Say

"Took van in for CVRT and everything handled very well. Sidelight fuse had failed just before the test, they fixed it for nothing and passed the van."

John Smith

"Fantastic service - had my motor tested a couple of weeks back, and it needed a retest today - on both visits to the test centre the staff were incredibly helpful."

Martina Fitzell-Conway

"Easy to book. No messing around. Nice waiting room with coffee."

Peter Redmond