Commercial Vehicle Safety Checklist

Commercial Vehicle Safety Checklist

Keeping a regular inspection schedule for your commercial vehicles is important for your business. By ensuring that they’re in good condition, you can help to limit commercial vehicle repair and maintenance costs. You can also get better value for them when it is time to trade in or sell. What’s more, in the run up to your commercial vehicle test, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle by getting things right on your first go. Here’s a helpful list of items for you to refer to when you want to ensure your commercial vehicle is in top shape.

Commercial Vehicle Safety Tips

Exterior Checklist

1. Confirm that the tax, insurance and transport discs are up to date and that your number plates are clearly visible.

2. Check that your vehicle isn’t leaning to one side. When viewed from the outside it should be sitting even and square.

3. Your tires should be in good condition, meaning that they should be inflated correctly and that the thread wear should be minimal and even.

4. Systematically check that each of your lights is in working condition and that they are visible and clear.

5. Make sure your exhaust runs with no excessive smoke or noise and that it is connected firmly to your commercial vehicle.

6. Check that each of your vehicle access steps, catwalks and drawbar coupling are in reasonably good condition.

7. Confirm that your connectors are fitted correctly (inc. ABS / EBS cable).

8. Similarly, your vehicle bodyguards, wings, curtains, doors and should be in good shape.

9. Ensure that your fifth wheel is locked. Also make sure that the landing legs and handle are correctly positioned.

10. Confirm that air suspension is set correctly.

11. Ensure that the fuel cap seal is in place and that it is not leaking.

12. Check engine oil, water, fuel levels and windscreen washer reservoir. Since they will all be used during your CVRT test, they should all be included on your commercial vehicle safety checklist. Otherwise, you will incur a fail.

Interior Checklist

1. Confirm that there is good visibility through your cab windows.

2. Ensure that each of your mirrors is in good condition and positioned correctly.

3. It wouldn’t be a commercial vehicle safety checklist if you didn’t inspect your seatbelts. Make sure that they’re in good condition along with your driving controls and seats.

4. You should also make sure that each of your driving controls and switches is in working order.

5. Check that all instruments and gauges are operating correctly.

6. Ensure that your vehicle cab is clean – it’s one of the easiest things to do when you want to prepare your truck for a visit to a CVRT test centre.

7. And confirm that there is a high visibility jacket for the driver in the cab.

Many of these checklist items might seem overly simple to you, but more often than not it’s the simple things that catch people out. When you’re looking for top tips for passing the CVRT test, the smartest thing you can do is go over the list once or twice. The RSA also have a number of walkaround checks that those looking to buy or sell a commercial vehicle should be aware of from the get-go.

Do you have a commercial vehicle that needs servicing?

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